Feldenkrais Method®

What is Feldenkrais Method®?


The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984). The method is an educational system that uses movement to teach self awareness and improve function. Anyone can benefit from the method, young to old, with or without pain, athletic or non-athletic.

There are two types of lessons;


Do you have pain or discomfort that nobody could really help?

Have you been to all kinds of therapies and methods and still struggling? Honestly, I am getting many people like you. Often the problem that you think it’s a problem isn’t a problem. Unlike other therapies, in Feldenkrais method, strengthening muscles or gaining flexibility isn’t the first solution. You will learn how to move in efficient, easiest and elegant way possible. I’d suggest to take few 1on1 lessons to start with! Book Now

Do you want to improve your performance?

Sport, of course. But for example, playing an instrument, singing, acting also requires physical movement. The Feldenkrais lessons will help you learn better way of moving. When your movement gets better, your performance will be enhanced.

Are you going through changes in your life?

Pregnancy and child-birth, injury, rehabilitation, environment change, etc. When you are going through changes in your life, not only your mind but also your body needs to integrate to the new environment. When physical body finds ease, the rest of you will find an ease.

So… Why Feldenkrais?? Because we are what we do! Action matters!!

Small or big, our life is made of movements. Like at this very moment, you are reading this text. Reading is movement, in your eyes, neck, etc. When you move better, life is better. Feldenkrais method is all about learning. When you have learned something, it’s yours. Ultimately, you will be able to teach yourself. How efficient is that!

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