For people in the Netherlands…

This page has info for people living in the Netherlands. Time is Dutch time (CET). 


Lesson Schedule/レッスンスケジュール

Wednesdays 19:00〜20:00 Yoga (English/Japanese accordingly)
Saturdays 10:00〜11:00 Pilates (English/Japanese accordingly)
       11:30〜12:30 Feldenkrais lesson (Japanese spoken)
Sundays 16:00〜17:00 Feldenkrais lesson (英語)

About the lessons/レッスン内容

All the lessons are done via zoom. If you like, you can have the recording of the lesson afterwards. Another good thing about online lesson is it’s okay if kids are making noise, or your baby laying next to you./全てのレッスンはZoomを利用して行います。終了後ご希望したら録画をお渡しすることもできます。小さなお子さんのそばでもレッスンが可能です!

60min hatha yoga flow. We start with gentle warm-up, sun salutation to energise our body and mind, then gentle stretching poses follows. At the end of each lessons, we will arrive in deep relaxation. You can attend from your home with a just enough space for a yoga mat.
This is how I teach…
Core training based class on a mat. The focus is not only to strengthen the muscles but also to be able to move your body more freely.
Feldenkrais Method
Gentle movement lessons that are designed to learn. In the lessons, you will be guided to move very gently and mindfully on your mat. You will be sensing small subtle movements through your nervous system. As you become more aware of your own movement, you will find possibilities physically and also mentally. It is the most beautiful and sustainable way of learning, like the way infants learn. It gives you harmony of body and mind.


Yoga and Pilates: 7 euro
Feldenkrais method: 8 euro
Are you zzp’er and having difficult time? Are you a student? Then pay what you can

how to attend/参加方法

  1. Please make a payment first/先ず、お支払いをお済ませください。
  2. Send me a text that you are attending at least 1 hour before the class. I will send you the zoom invitation link. /参加希望をメッセージなどで開始1時間前までにおしらせください。Zoomの招待リンクをお送りします。
  3. First time using zoom? Download the free app and learn a bit how Zoom works. /Zoomが初めてであれば、Zoomアプリ(無料)を準備したり、参加方法を知っておくと良いでしょう。(参考動画)
  4. Please enter 5 min before the class starts. The meeting site opens from 10 min in advance. You can choose to have your camera on or off. I will mute you all before the class. Though if you need to say something, please un-mute yourself./ 開始10分前から入室できます。5分前には入室するようにお願いします。カメラのon/offは自由です。マイクはスムーズな進行のために、クラス開始前にこちらから全員ミュートします。もし、何かコメントしたい場合には自分でミュート解除して発言可能です。
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