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The groups lesson of Feldenkrais method is called

“Awareness Through Movement”

You are moving all day, even while sleeping. All the movements you make – big and small – are what you’ve learned in the past. Most of movements we make are in habitual pattern. But you do not notice whether or not these movements are the easiest way you can make.

Imagine, if the movement pattern of how you raise your arm is inefficient. You have less understanding of shoulder blades, or your chest might be rigid. Therefore you raise your arm without moving shoulder blades or ribs at all. And You might not have the pain immediately, but someday, suddenly, you start to feel the pain and the pain stays. This is the start of frozen shoulder. And this is the way to have any chronic pain.

Chronic pain is caused by the way you move. Not because you are tight here and there. Not because you are weak here and there. You need to change the way you move.

Let’s go aside from talking about pain.

As I stated at the beginning, we are moving all day long. What I mean by moving is not only sporting. Sitting still is a movement, breathing is a movement.

Imagine, there is a pill that suddenly your sitting position improves by taking it. Sitting becomes very comfortable. You don’t get tired at all by sitting long. Therefore you can concentrate on your task longer than usual. You might get great ideas more than usual. And you won’t feel tired afterwards not only physically, but also will effect your mood positively. Because you are not harmed, you don’t need extra relaxation. The effect of the pill will stay with you. Sounds amazing, right? Sitting better actually can change your life!

Where can you get the pill?

Unfortunately, as long as I know, there is no place to get the pill. I know how to create the same effect within yourself. That is called, Learning.

It’s not training, not treatment. If you are continuously learning the easiest way to move yourself, you get the same effect as the pill.

Feldenkrais method is designed for that. You are guided to learn the easier way possible to move the body. And when the body moves with comfort, your mind of course will get more space.

Feldenkrais is a learning method

In the lessons, you will be guided to move very gently and mindfully on your mat. You will be sensing small subtle movement through your nervous system. As you become more aware of your own movement and body, you will find possibilities physically and also mentally. It is the most beautiful and sustainable way of learning, like the way infants learn. It gives you harmony of body and mind.

Please come with clothes that are easy to move and keep you warm. Depending on the site, yoga mat is prepared. If you like your own mat or towel, feel free to bring your own.

Sunday ATM (online and in Schiedam)

Every Sunday 16:00-17:00

By appointment, you can also take the lesson in Schiedam.
We use zoom for Online lessons
See more detail how to attend online classes from here.

Feldenkrais course at Gimsel Academy (Rotterdam Blaak)


~Nourish your back, neck and shoulders~

  • Starting February 10, 2022
  • Thursdays 18:30-19:30 (8 lessons)
  • @Gimsel Academy (Mariniersweg 9, 3011NB)
The course runs in 2 parts, 8weeks x2.
The first part is 10/2-7/4 (no class on 3/3) lessons are focused on lower back.
The second half is 12/5-7/7 (no class on 26/5) lessons are focused on neck and shoulders.
Let me state this first. Chronic pain is a result of how you move and carry yourself.

For many, it’s not easy to get the idea of how you carry and move yourself. In other words, movements are mostly done in automation and we aren’t really aware of them.

In fact, most of basic movements like standing, walking, reaching forward, etc, are done automatically. The brain programs the movement and memorise it to make it a habit. Habit is great because if we had to think all the time how to walk like a 12 months old baby, we can achieve nothing in a day! But you could say, any chronic problems is a sign that your movement pattern (=habit) is not suitable for you.

Feldenkrais lessons are made to Re-program the movement pattern. In order to do that, the brain needs to refine what you are and how you are build. You’ll be finding that by sensing through your nervous system and creating new neurological pathways.

Most of the back problem is coming from lack of clarity in the pelvis and hip joints. Neck problem often comes also from not knowing where the pelvis is, and lack of understanding how the head connects to the rest of the body.

In this course, we’ll make it in two parts and take time to clarify these things. The first part, we’ll focus more on pelvis and hip joints. The second part will be shoulders and neck. It’ll create better understanding if you attend both, of course 🙂

More info and application:

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