Why yoga?

Yoga is a simplest way to exercise without using any special equipment. What you need is your body and mind. A mat will be nice too 🙂

My class is Hatha based Vinyasa yoga which is one of the most popular style. Weekly practise is recommended.

You don’t need to be flexible or spiritual to do yoga!

It is a full body workout. And of course, when you workout in good flow, you’ll find relaxation within you.

Suitable for;

  • who wants to practise yoga as a daily exercise
  • who wants to loose weight
  • who has physical problem to improve (back pain, shoulder pain, etc)
  • who wants to release stress

Private or Small group lesson

Suitable for  beginners, people with special conditions and for busy people! Lessons are available in Schiedam or at your place.

Where do I teach?





For more information, please visit the websites through the link!

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